Self Defense & Anti-Bullying

We train not only practical self defense and self awareness, but also conflict resolution. Our students are coached to protect themselves and others with non-violent means whenever possible.

Self Control

Our students work on controlling both their minds and bodies. This can mean paying attention, even when distractions are present, or pushing themselves even when things are difficult. 

Self Esteem & Confidence

Our students gain confidence through consistent positive reinforcement and the attainment of goals. As students achieve goals they once thought impossible their self esteem soars. 

Focus and Listening

Working on listening to directions, focusing on sequencing of tasks and memorizing forms, all help build our students' attention span. We also work on mental practice and preparation with students at all levels.

Balance and Coordination

Our students improve with their balance and coordination through the variety of exercises we do. Our style provides excellent cross training for other sports as well. 


Students work together to improve their skills. We work frequently on partner drills, giving our students to work with others of differing ages and abilities. In all cases, our students work to support their teammates and build each other up!


Students are responsible for their choices, their practice and for giving their best at all times. Instructors will provide students with all the material they need to progress, but it is the student's responsibility to take ownership of that material. There are no testing fees at our school and no predetermined testing schedule - our students take pride in knowing their belts were earned not bought!


Students learn to control their impulses, their behavior and work toward set goals. Self-discipline is a skill that benefits students far beyond the training floor.


If you're looking to improve your fitness, this program will do it! Wushu requires total body training in both strength and flexibility, and provides a great cardiovascular workout. 


We work hard, but we have a great time doing it. Don't take our word for it, come see the smiles for yourself. There's a good reason it's called "playing wushu."